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Unlike other “Link-in-Bio” services, Livegate not only offers a micro-profile page solution to share a few links, but also provides a real solution for those who share external content frequently and need to make sure the link is still relevant, active, and accessible even if it's a very old post.

Create Link

Create links along with a digit code that can be easily used to direct your customers to a right place

Use your Gate

Set your Gate URL as a website in your Instagram bio - the only clickable link in your Instagram profile

Publish codes

Each link has unique digit code that can be published along with your Instagram post. Your customer is redirected to a right page by entering corresponding digit code in your Gate

If you do social media marketing you are definitely familiar with Instagram link sharing policy. The only clickable link can be posted in your profile. You can share links in your posts, but these links would not be useful, since your customer cannot click or copy. At this point you would most likely lose 99.9% of your potential visitors. That's a nightmare for SMM, shops, affiliates and many other people doing business in Instagram.

Livegate has a solution.

Every time you create a link, Livegate creates a simple numeric code.

Your customers can enter this code in your Gate, e.g. livegate.me/{username}, to be redirected to the linked URL.

You can place your Gateway link in your Instagram BIO and direct your customers by posting numeric codes in your posts' captions. Easy!


Livegate Features


Build a personalised micro-profile page that serves as a gate to your external content. Add social network links to: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Clubhouse and others. Add brief information about your brand and create buttons for your TOP content (website, latest webinar or youtube playlist).

Share links

Use numeric codes to share thousands of links on Instagram. These links never expire and remain always accessible even if it's a very old post. No more endless scrolling. All your content is available for your followers in a matter of few clicks.

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Livegate was made for

Livegate Link In Bio Service and the easiest way to share thousands of links Livegate Instagram Demo

Instagram stores

Share links to your products even if your account is not eligible for Instagram Shopping functions. The solution is also suitable for look-book and other fashion Instagram accounts.

Magazines / Blogs

A link to your post will not be lost when you publish new content. Each post will have unique ID that will always be available for your readers

Music / Video content creators

Share links to the full version of your masterpiece or share you favourite videos and songs with your followers. It was never that easy to share external media!

Affiliate marketers

The lack of Instagram clickable links was always a pain for affiliate marketers to share URL based affiliate offers. Welcome aboard!

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