How to share links in Instagram posts

Livegate makes it easy sharing links in Instagram posts. No matter how often you post, your links are easily accessible by your followers.

1. Create your first link

Click Links in the left side menu.

Livegate Links section

2. Add your first link

Copy and paste the full URL of the external content you want to share in your Instagram post

Livegate - Add link to share on Instagram

3. Find the link code

Everytime you add a link, Livegate generates the numeric code that can be shared with your audience

Livegate - Get link code

4. Share the link code

Now all you need to do is add the generated link code in your new or existing Instagram post:

Livegate - Share link code

5. Link in bio on Instagram

Now your follower opens your link in bio:

Livegate - Share link code

6. Enter Link Code

Clicks "Enter link code" button on the top of your public gate:

Livegate - Share link code

7. Ready!

And enters this short numeric code in the code dialpad to be immediately redirected to the page you wanted to share with your followers:

Livegate - Share link code

Gate Customization

Please read our guide on how to customize your gate in accordance with your brand.

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