Getting started with Livegate

We wanted to make it easy for you to try Livegate, so you don't have to register. Your account is created automatically and you only have to change your credentials if you like the service.

1. Sign up

Open Livegate home page and click Try NOW to start creating your link in bio for Instagram

Link in bio for Instagram without registration

2. Test the app

The next thing you want to do is to play around with your gate to design your link in bio for Instagram or to add a few URLs to share links in your Instagram posts

3. Finalize account creation

Now, if you are satisfied with Livegate and if it meets your needs, all you have to do is change your username, email, and password in your account settings.

Now click Settings in the side menu and open Change password section. You will need to enter new password, repeat new password and old password. Your current temporary password can be found in top red section:

Change Livegate password

The last step would be changing your username and password. Switch to General tab and update your credentials:

Change Livegate username and password

Ready! Now you can start using your Livegate link in bio for Instagram and sharing links in your Instagram posts!

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