Setting up your link in bio for Instagram

Your gate is a micro profile landing page that you put in your Instagram profile. It serves as a gateway to all the external content you want to share with your audience.

1. Start Livegate without registration

Open Livegate landing page and hit “Try Now” in the top menu. It’s free and you don’t need to register before you try and know you are satisfied with our product.

2. Change your credentials

Your account is automatically created. No personal data is associated with this account until you change your password, email address and username is Settings. To change your password you’ll need enter your old temporary password, which can be found in the top red section.

Change your password in Change password tab

Change Livegate password

Change your username and email in General tab

Change Livegate username and email

3. Find your public profile URL

Your public URL is www.livegate.me/{{username}} (www.livegate.me/ceo in my case). Change your website in your Instagram profile to your public profile URL once you've done editing your gate.

3. Update your logo or profile picture

Now it's time to update your brand logo or your profile picture on your gate. On the General tab, click Upload Photo or Logo button and select the file you want to use as your link in bio logo

Change logo on Livegate link in bio

4. About me/us

Add some brief information about yourself or your business in Settings/Info section:

Change About us Section on Livegate link in bio

5. Social Links

Now it’s time to add links to your other social media accounts. We are using clubber.one service for deep-linking your Clubhouse profile, so please put your account in the following format: @username

Add social links to your link in bio

6. Check your gate

Well done. Let’s check our updated micro-profile page -> open “My gate” in the menu.

Customizing your link in bio with Livegate

7. Customize name and cover image

You can edit your public name, occupation, and cover image by clicking on the corresponding pencil icons. The inline text editing is used here, so just edit the value and click somewhere else to save.

Customizing your link in bio with Livegate

8. Create buttons for your TOP links

Let’s add some of your top links. Let’s add 3 buttons: Blog, Website, Youtube Channel. Go down to the My TOP Links> section and click plus icon in the top right corner of the container. Then click Options next to the created button and customize the item:

Adding buttons in your link in bio for Instagram - Livegate

Click Save and repeat for 2 more buttons.

We’re done with your gate customization now! You can check how it looks by visiting livegate.me/username

You can also check the video version of this guide here:

Now as your gate link is ready to be used in your Instagram profile, proceed to our guide on how to share links in your Instagram posts

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